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Farmskins promo code or farmskins code is simply a code / coupon that releases credit on the website.

You can use the code or the Play now link to receive it, but we will have a farmskins promocode section explaining it in detail.


We are sure that the developers of this site have thought of something simple to use, with a nice and functional look.

The same simplicity applied to CSGOEmpire seems to have been applied here and it worked well. Everything works great.

Does its simplicity alone account for a total visitors per month over 400,000? It really is a surprising number.


At the top of the Farm Skins website, you will see the GABEN’S STORE (cash back section).

Each case opening made in Farmskins results in an amount of bullets (reward currency) that you accumulate.

When you reach a certain value, you can go to GABEN’S STORE and exchange your bullets for CSGO skins or use it to Upgrade.


Since its creation, the site offers bonuses for new users. It’s easy to get the bonus


  • Visit the Farmskins.com
  • Click on the burger (3-line menu next to ADD FUNDS)
  • Click in farmskins promocode
  • Use the code SWR


Farmskins is a csgo bet site with few betting options, with only three games and a shop where you are rewarded for opening cases (cashback system). The game is called case battle, and in this game, you face off against other players on the site, in a battle to win cases, which you open to see your prizes. When entering the game page, you will see the open games that you can play, just click on one of them to get involved.


There is also the possibility of earning using the Daily Bonus, through it you can open a case a day and withdraw the earned item to your CSGO inventory. In addition to the daily bonus, be sure to follow Farm Skins on social media as they are known to post various offers on their channels to attract players.


One of the secrets to having fun playing online games is trusting the site you’re playing on. Without it, you will always be worrying rather than relaxing and enjoying your game. Farm Skins is proven to be fair and we confirm this with approximately $1600 opening cases and Case Battle. We do not recommend upgrading skins due to our negative experience, but it can be a good option for those who have strategy.


Lots of payment options are available on the site, which is great to see. You can deposit your skins, money, bitcoin, etc, then withdraw the ones you earn by sending them back to your inventory. In terms of sending funds to your account, you can use credit and debit cards, Skrill, WebMoney, AliPay, UnionPay, QIWI, Bitcoin, Litecoin and more, which is great for a case-opening site. There are more than 70 payment options available.


Although it has few game options, the Farmskins website is safe. It offers fun with its gaming options, pleasant design, and we’ve proven to be probably fair. The best sites csgo: If you’re a fan of cs go cases opening and looking for probably fair bets with fun, then Farmskins is certainly for you, but remember to bet responsibly!


If you like Farmskins or are a longtime fan looking for more gaming options, we recommend checking out the CSGORoll.

But first, check out the full review and also get the CSGORoll code to receive the bonus.

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