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CSGO Case Battles

CSGO Case Battles is a case opening game mode where 2-4 players can enter by purchasing the same box.

The 4 boxes are opened simultaneously and the player who receives the highest value gift wins and receives the gift from the other 3 boxes from the other players.

Depending on the site you are playing on, the chances of winning with 3 and 4 players are very low. Therefore, we recommend that you create a good strategy.

Remembering that, even playing with a single player, the opening of the 2 boxes, yours and his, may not exceed the amount bet by you. So it really is a matter of luck to win in this game mode.

We recommend

In the world of case battles there are many websites that offer this option, but we love playing free case battles online at farmskins and csgoroll.

The ideal is for you to start playing free case battles to understand the rules in practice, test strategies and see which one you identify with, and then bet with real money.

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